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Watch this video to see the extra hand movement that's required with regular pliers
Today 90% of contractors and ironworkers tie rebar and wire by hand with conventional pliers. This work requires repeated, fast, wrist and arm movements.

Tying rebar by hand increases your chance of developing hand and wrist disorders due to the high force needed to grip the pliers, wrap, cut, and twist wire.

The Pinza Rotary Tying Pliers will lower your risk of hand and wrist injury because it eliminates the frequent and rapid twist motions
required to tie wire.

With the Pinza Rotary Tying Pliers you will get an increase in productivity. You may also want to consider the following factors:

Reduction in employee turnover costs
Reduction in training costs
Reduction in overtime
Reduction of occurrence and costs of injury
Increase in productivity

The bottom line is, Pinza Rotary Tying Pliers will pay for themselves in a matter of a few weeks, or even days!
Still using regular pliers to tie your steel?
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